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Hat’s videos are amazing!

I’m 54, starting to suffer from aches and stiffness…particularly after a WOD. Never really stretched, but Hat’s videos are amazing! Clear, easy to follow, challenging but doable. After four days I can already feel subtle differences. Like all my joints have been greased. Can’t wait to see what I feel like after two weeks, then four and beyond. I should have done this years ago, but never too late!

-Clare G

Hat is super easy to follow.

Without doubt, mobility is not a forte of mine, but I had never really known how much it hindered me until I started doing regular MAP flows – between 10 and 3o minutes a day. Not even two weeks later, pistols felt easier, I had PB’d both olympic lifts and no longer felt the niggles I had come to feel were normal.

-Ellie G

Can’t speak highly enough of Hat!

Hat rehabbed me through two bad injuries, focussing on my movement and mobility MAP has been a lifesaver when it comes to my range of motion. Definitely a game changer!

-Laura LG

Hat’s knowledge on the body is the best I know.

Have only been using MAP for a short time and have already noticed considerable changes in my posture and movement. The flows are very informative and also give you the confidence to work on areas on your own. Who knew 30 minutes of stretching could be so enjoyable.

-Scott D

Athletes can only get stronger in ranges they have access to.

This was the line that drew me in and within weeks old injuries and pains had reduced. Hat has also educated me so I can keep on top of these and prevent future injuries.

-Marc N

Hat takes the time to review everyone individually.

Haven’t been using MAP for long but have already noticed immense changes to my body. Neck and trap pain were heavily affecting me on a daily basis since working from home, within one week of using MAP I was 90% back to normal.

-Jess R

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