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Hi, I’m Hat.

I have had a passion for movement from a young age and have a wealth of experience, as a Sports Therapist and coach, with both international level athletes as well as those who just want to see what their body is truly capable of.

Through my MAP Online membership, I strive to help you understand and take ownership of your body. Enabling you to become more supple and confident in your movement.

What is MAP?

Whether struggling with an injury or movement issue, or you just want to maintain ranges of motion your body should have, pain free. MAP Online is sure to help you improve both your mobility and your understanding of how our bodies are designed to move.

MAP Online is a subscription-based group with unlimited access to a library of videos focusing on general mobility, joint specific flows and recovery sessions, all with the ultimate goal of helping you move and feel better.

All this for just £5.99 a month – less than the cost of two coffees.

“Clear and easy to follow. The videos are varied but continue to work on problem areas so progress is easily achieved.”

-Lizzie G

“MAP has instilled new habits that are showing progress in a short amount of time, and my body is feeling so much better for it!”

-Jess R

“Hat’s videos are amazing! Clear, easy to follow, challenging but doable. After four days I can already feel subtle differences. Wish I’d signed up earlier!”

-Claire G

“Since starting MAP I already feel my posture has really improved. I no longer have lower back pain when running. Couldn’t recommend it enough!”

-Mihir S

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