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Hi, I’m Hat. I have a masters degree in sports therapy and almost ten years experience working as a sports therapist and coach.

I have worked with both teams and individuals including: London Irish Rugby Club with the men’s first team, Saracens Women’s Rugby Club, Slough Ladies hockey and England Students Rugby League.

I have experience both as an athlete at the highest level and a therapist.

I feel my experience has given me a deep knowledge and understanding of ‘the athlete’ and what is required to keep fit, healthy and injury free.

For the last five years I have competed in CrossFit and have run my clinic alongside being head coach at CrossFit Watford.

I have run mobility seminars and taught mobility classes for over four years at our affiliate. I pride myself on regular and consistent mobility attributing to a pretty successful competitive (injury free) CrossFit career thus far.

Teaching people what their bodies are capable of and how they are supposed to move and feel is a true passion and one I know I am made to do.

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